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My Natural Birth Story, The Birth of Devin

(This is a continuation of my previous posts from years ago. In essence, it’s parts 3 & 4 of my first two posts. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.)

Ah, I found myself pregnant with baby number 2 in the winter of 2016. He wasn’t exactly planned, but that didn’t seem to bother my husband. I, on the other hand, had been considering leaving my position in the school system to do private speech therapy, part time. Contracts were almost due, and I had no intention of signing.

However, a date night with hubby changed all of that. LOL The crazy thing, is that I knew that I was pregnant, a few days after that date night. Hear me out: my husband was brushing his teeth, and I was sitting on the bed. All of a sudden, I felt something like a “let down” in my bosom. If you have ever given birth, you know what it feels like when milk comes into your milk ducts. THAT’S exactly what I felt, and I hadn’t breast fed Sug in quite a while.

My eyes grew big, and my jaw dropped. “What?! Steve! I just felt a tingle in my breast!” Steve, still brushing his teeth, looked at me and replied, “So?” “Sooooo?!?!? That’s not normal. Something is going on! What if I’m pregnant? You KNOW how fertile I am!” He paused, toothbrush in his hand, looked at himself in the mirror for a few seconds, then simply shrugged his shoulders and continued to brush. The nonchalantness of it all was bewildering to me. LOL He said, “Oh well!”

Now, how could he be so underwhelmed at this possible development? He told me to take a test, and I reminded him that I have to wait 2 weeks to do that. I was a mess for a while. This was not in my plan. By the end of that week, I was so bloated that I couldn’t fasten my pants, and I was slightly nauseous all day. We hosted a young adult bible study at our home that Friday evening, and I felt horrible, pants unbuttoned and all. I needed no other confirmation.

We told our parents, and they were excited. I was relieved that my mom was excited, because she had graciously been taking care of my oldest son while I worked. Taking care of 2 small children would be hard, as she was physically handicapped and tired, but she was up for the challenge. Little did I know that she would soon become ill and pass away from cancer, two months after Devin was born. I made sure to let my supervisor know that I would be returning full time!! I would need all the money I could get to provide for two little people. All was well, and I had planned on having a second natural labor and delivery about 9-10 months later.

I had different insurance this time around, and a water birth was not an option. I was bummed about that, but dealt with it. All of my ultrasounds were great, except for one little thing…that wasn’t so little at all. They had reason to believe that Devin was much bigger than he should’ve been! For someone who wanted a natural delivery, the thought of pushing a whopper out was a tad bit traumatic. I had to follow up more regularly and even went to a specialist for an ultrasound. Lo and behold, he wasn’t too big for his gestational age….check this out: they gave me the WRONG due date! Ha! The specialist caught the clerical error while I was on her exam table. It took about 1-2 weeks off of my due date, making me due sooner than I thought. Rushed much??

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

This time around, I was a bit more mentally prepared for labor and delivery. I was still somewhat anxious, cause every delivery can be different, but I had calming strategies in place. A former colleague of mine reminded me that, “Pain is like energy. Push that energy out with each breath.” I held onto that mantra throughout my labor, and it worked amazingly! I talked myself through each contraction, telling myself to breath the pain out.

This labor was even shorter than the first. I was supposed to go in to talk about induction, and my contractions started around 6 am that morning. I was happy to not feel forced to go into labor. I texted our parents and let them know that we were going to head out, in hopes of beating rush hour traffic. Considering how quick my last labor went, I didn’t want to end up delivering in the car. I put on a dress this time around; you know, easy access to the baby. LOL My husband got Sug and we headed to the car. I sat in the middle row of the van, next to Sug. At this stage in his life, Sug was obsessed with pretending to lead worship service. He especially liked to try and lead hymnals. As we rode through downtown, I had to apologize to the labor and delivery hotline nurse for his loud rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” in the background.

The hotline nurse was laughing, and very calm. I could tell that I was also more calm, finding moments to laugh between contractions as well. Based on my frequency of contractions, the nurse told me to get on all fours if I felt the urge to push! No, ma’am! Not in my van!!! We were 8 minutes away from the hospital, only due to bumper to bumper traffic. I could’ve walked and gotten there in about 3 minutes. I looked out the window for a police officer who I could flag down, in case I needed to get to the hospital sooner. My anxiety was kicking in again. “Please, don’t let me have the baby in here.”

Thankfully, we made it to the entrance, and my in-laws met us before we even had to park. They oooooed and aaaaahhhed at Sug, and I reminded them, “Forget HIM! We didn’t come here for that. Get me OUT of here!” LOL Hubby walked me to our designated area and I quickly changed. The nurses weren’t too concerned with how fast I was progressing. They asked me questions, that I had already completed in the paperwork, and seemed to take their time. I was in pain, and wanted to bang my head on the side rail of my hospital bed. I tried; didn’t work. I threw my glasses so that my head could fit better in between the mattress and rail. Didn’t work.

Before I knew it, I felt the urge to push! No one was around, except for my husband. He ran and yelled for help, as I screamed like the burglar on Home Alone. You know, when that tarantula got on his face? Just like that! That’s all I could do, as it felt like my body took over and Devin slid out of me in one swoop! LOL I did NOT voluntarily push him out. I just screamed. The doctors had to run in and almost didn’t get their gear on in time. I kept trying to tell them that my body moves fast. SMH He was here, and I was euphoric again. It was a great labor of only a couple of hours!

Devin was unplanned and somewhat unassisted during delivery. If only I knew then that he would be a handful till this day. LOL I’m sure you’ll hear about him later. You’ll also hear about how baby girl came into the world :-).

If you’ve had more than one delivery, were they similar or different?? Let me know in the comments below!

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