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Family Meal Plan Friday!

Family Meal Planning Fridays

(Photo by Renáta-Adrienn on Unsplash)

Each Friday, I will share one of my family’s meal plans. I like to plan the meals weekly, and do my grocery shopping weekly or biweekly. You can check out my post about how I meal plan here. It helps take the guess work out of dinners and other meals throughout the week.

Not knowing what to cook can be one hiccup that makes people not want to cook and/or eat out instead. I tend to cook about 5-6 days each week, and we eat leftovers for lunch or for dinner another day that same week. Here’s last week’s meal plan, consisting of 5 dinners and ideas for easy breakfasts/lunches, from my family to yours!


Green Smoothie– I started drinking smoothies more regularly a few weeks ago. It’s my way to get some good veggies in for breakfast and it also has some detox qualities with the ginger. Here’s the recipe that I use!

Greek Egg Scramble– My husband and I have been on a greek/mediterranean kick lately. I decided to make a greek egg scramble, in an effort to, once again, get some extra veggies in. Veggies are full of fiber and help to sustain your appetite when you’re trying to lose a little weight. I simply diced up some purple onion, grape tomatoes, black olives and spinach. I sautéed them for about a minute or two in a tablespoon of olive oil, added my eggs, scrambled, and added a tablespoon or so of feta cheese at the end. Yum!

Oatmeal– Nothing fancy about this. I use quick cook oats. You can either cook it on stove top or in the microwave (that’s a new method for me). I like to top mine with fresh fruit and maybe a tablespoon of chopped walnuts.

Family Meal Plan Fridays
Photo by Alex Motoc on Unsplash

Lunch Ideas

Homemade Fuji Apple Chicken Salad- This is a copycat version of Panera’s Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. I like to switch up the proteins and use chicken, salmon, shrimp, etc. and I use walnuts. Let me know, below, if you want the recipe!

Fuji Apple Salad with Salmon

Cajun Chicken Alfredo with Zoodles and Whole Wheat Pasta– This was another of my meal-prep meals. I wanted a nice lunch without feeling like I can’t have some of my favorites. So, instead of using regular pasta, I used a mixture of zoodles (zucchini noodles) and a little whole-wheat pasta (I spread one serving of the wheat pasta over 4 meals). I loaded it with yummy baby bella mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers. Here’s a similar recipe.

Sandwiches/Chips/Fruit- I always keep staples such as sandwich meat, cheese, pb & j, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. on hand. This is especially helpful with my three kids, who prefer this for lunch.

Dinner Ideas

Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken Thighs with Green Beans and Roasted Yellow Potatoes– My husband suggested that I pull some ideas from a Pinterest board that he created. This recipe caught my eye. It required cooking my green beans in the microwave, and I was a little apprehensive about it, but it worked well. I actually used frozen green beans, nuked them in the microwave, and finished sautéing them in the skillet. I also added roasted yellow potatoes for a starch.

Shrimp Etouffee’, Rice, and Cheddar Bay BiscuitsThis was a quick version of shrimp etouffee that we tried. It was simple and flavorful.

Cubano Tortellini Salad with Mojo Dressing– I’m always in search of new recipes, and pasta salad is a plus during the summer. I love a cuban sandwich, so I figured that this pasta salad would be worth a try. It was yummy! I ate two helpings of it, and my dad said, “You must really like it!” LOL Here’s a confession: a few days after eating this, I warmed up some of the leftovers and the cheese got all melty….WAY better.

Cubano Tortellini Pasta Salad, just waiting on the Mojo Dressing and Romain Lettuce

Grilled Bratwursts/Hotdogs, Veggies, and Chips– Simple meal and my husband could do most of the work. That a win for me. I prepped some fresh vegetables: corn on the cob, asparagus, baby bella mushrooms, and grape tomatoes, by drizzling them with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. I passed everything to hubby and sat down. The end.

Turkey Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Mixed Veggies– Good, old, homemade turkey meatloaf, loaded with the trinity (bell pepper, onions, celery).

I hope this inspires your next meal plan. Go ahead and get your grocery shopping out of the way. With the holiday weekend upon us, these items will be sure to please! What are your go-to meals?

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