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Are You Afraid of The Dark? Blogmas Funny!

Photo credit: Evelyn Cespedes

Blogmas, Day 7! Does anyone out there like scary movies? I must admit, growing up, I liked scary stories and movies. I have no idea why, because I’m super paranoid. Or…maybe I’m paranoid because of all of the stories and movies that I’ve seen. Either way, it’s not healthy. LOL I remember my first taste of scary things: watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? on Nickelodeon, reading R.L. Stine books from cover to cover, even writing scary short stories for school assignments. I would run to my parents’ room when the suspense would grow, verbally spill everything that I was experiencing, then run back to finish it, with my hands covering most of my face. My parents never understood it. In fact, now that I think about it, I’m the only one in my immediate family who LIKED scary stuff. Hmmm. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t indulge in any and everything that is in the scary/horror category. I have learned to categorize horror, and determine what works for me what I can tolerate, and what I cant. I don’t like movies with lots of bloodshed and yucky stuff/torturing. I like things that are more suspenseful and leaves things to the imagination; ghosts and such, maybe ore suspense as I get older. Ok, I’ll get back to the funny story. We can talk about my favorite movies another time.

We are in the process of sleep training baby girl. She has been in her room every night for the past few days, and it has been amazing. But we also have a 4 year old who frequently gets out of bed and wanders into the hallway. One night, as my husband and I watched television in our room (that never happens when there is a baby in the bed with you), we thought we heard Dev out in the hallway. My husband went to the bedroom door, opened it, and peered into the dark hallway. (Is that already sounding scary to you, or is it just me?) Anywho, the nightlight wasn’t plugged in, so the hallway was darker than normal. My husband flicked on the light one time, then off. He didn’t see anything. But, evidently, he wasn’t sure, so he flicked it on again, then off. By the third time that he did this, I was ready to cower under the covers. I said, “Aye, you can’t keep flicking the lights on and off like that! Are you crazy?” He didn’t get it, but all I saw in my head was this:

Yall, I was DONE! I’ve seen too much to let him flick those lights on and off. He was ASKING for something to appear! LOL Isn’t that sad? I’m a mess. I don’t fool with too many scary things now, but I’m definitely tainted. And now that I’ve had children, I feel like I’m even scarier…if that’s possible. I could go on and on about how my mind has played tricks on me due to my paranoia after watching the news and scary or suspenseful stories. There was that time that I thought someone came into my house when I tried to watch a scary movie by myself (The police were called.), the time I thought I heard footsteps running after me, even the time when my husband played the WORST prank ever. SMH I need to get him back for scaring me intentionally. What are some of your quirks? LOL

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