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Would You Rather…..? -Christmas Edition

Blogmas 2020

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Let’s have some fun! For Blogmas, Day 4, I’m going to play the infamous, “Would You Rather?” Game! I’ve decided to use some of Sign-Up Genius’ array of questions. Sign Up Genius is a great tool that allows people to sign up for various things, from potluck to parent-teacher conferences. I use it for both personal and professional use. Want to get to know me this Christmas? Check out my answers below: 

1. Would you rather have to eat a whole turkey in one sitting or never be able to eat turkey again?

Never eat turkey again- turkeys are HUGE. I’m not trying to have those digestion problems. Chicken can be my substitute when I give up Turkey. Easy question. 

2. Would you rather get the best gift you ever received again or get a new gift (but have no idea if it will be good or bad)?

New gift; I don’t need two of the same thing…unless it was a trip somewhere. The best gift I received would probably be my children. I don’t need 3 more. LOL

3. Would you rather relive a past winter holiday again or get to travel to a future winter holiday?

Ooooo, that may be hard. I may have to go with the past. I would be able to see loved ones who have passed away. 

4. Would you rather spend the holidays with your family or with three celebrities (you can choose the celebrities)?

I’d probably pick my family. What are the celebrities doing to celebrate? I can be kind of reserved, and may not be comfortable with everyone they choose to hang with. But, I have always wanted to spend a couple of days on the Pioneer Woman’s ranch. . . for food. 

5. Would you rather have to cook the big holiday meal every year or have to clean up and do the dishes after the holiday meal every year?

Dishes! Cooking everything can be a daunting task, sometimes taking a few days of prep. It can be a lot. If I were on dish duty, I’d probably run that dishwasher and clean as the cooker prepped. 

6. Would you rather be a kid or a grandparent during the holidays?

Kids usually get to rest, play, eat, and repeat on holidays. Plus, they get gifts. Kid-me, please. 

7. Would you rather get a person who is really hard to shop for during Secret Santa or have no one get your name for Secret Santa?

I’m totally fine not doing Secret Santa at my age. 

8. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house with your group of friends or never be able to live with any of them?

I think we’re good living in our own homes. LOL Love yall though!

9. Would you rather experience a Christmas in 1700 or in 2100?

In the year of 1700, black people were enslaved. It was not a good time to be alive, in my opinion. So, 2100.

10. Would you rather spend Christmas with your group of friends or have them each be replaced by their favorite celebrity?

My friends would be more fun. They get me. 

11. Would you rather only be able to watch your favorite TV show during the holidays or have to watch it every day of the year?

Hmm, if it’s a favorite, I could probably watch one episode daily. But, who am I kidding? We watch more kid shows than shows that we like. LOL 

12. Would you rather eat only holiday food or watch only holiday movies? 

Holiday movies! I would get tired of holiday food. 

13. Would you rather have a holiday party every night or no holiday parties to attend?

No holiday parties. LOL I can’t host people every night. I just…I can’t.

14. Would you rather only eat fruitcake for holiday desserts or not have dessert at all?

I don’t know if I’ve ever HAD fruitcake before. Sigh..it doesn’t look nor sound too tasty…unless it’s one of my upside down fruit poundcakes!

15. Would you rather have all your presents wrapped terribly or not have them wrapped at all?

I’ll take the terrible wrapping. I like an element of surprise. 

What would you rather do? Let me know in the comments below!! 

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