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Guilty Pleasures

Hey, hey! Double-Up Time! For Blogmas, Day 5, I have decided to share some of my guilty pleasures with you. I don’t get to watch much tv at home, unless it’s a kids’ show. I have 3 kids, 6 and under. While I don’t mind watching happy-go-lucky shows, I sometimes yearn for something more….sophisticated. LOL I pass out at bedtime, typically, and I still have an 18 month old in bed with me. Listen, pick your battles. My goal is to have her out by Christmas. Pray for me. Send comfort to her when she gets the boot. 

Anywho, I have been really heavy on my YouTube watching. I listen to music, watch interviews, and watch my Vloggers! I love to watch clean-with-me videos, cooking and baking tutorials, day-in-the-life videos, and such. Whenever I get a few free moments, I tend to gravitate towards the same people. Here are some of the Vlogs that I am subscribed to. 

The Dave Ramsey Show

I got a hold of one of Dave Ramsey’s books some years ago, and I never looked back. It was during a time that we were faced with SO many student loans, and I was almost hopeless regarding being debt-free. I read his book from cover to cover, and it totally changed my whole thought process on money. I’m forever changed, even if I don’t abide by every recommendation. Since then, I’ve taken the Financial Peace University Course through a local church, and I’ve been sharing my journey towards being debt-free. We have paid off almost over $87k over the last 8 years. I’ll tell you how in another post. Check his channel out for real advice for real money issues. 

The Chic Natural

I came across this young woman due to natural hair videos. Lately, she has been sharing her favorite vegan recipes. She has even published a recipe book of her best recipes! I love watching her create nutritious food options, even if I don’t intend on becoming vegan. I have a daughter with food allergies (dairy, peanut, egg), and sometimes it’s just easy to search for vegan recipes, and add a meat protein. Great videos. I’m a fan. 

Christy Gior

I came across this vlogger through another vlogger. She is a mom of 5, and I love her personality and big heart. She has a family of mixed ethnicities, and I love it. She has provided lots of insight into adoption and foster care, as well as day-in-the-life videos. It’s great entertainment, and it makes me want to adopt a lot of kids. But my husband probably wouldn’t go for that. 


I have been rocking with this girl since before her daughter was born. Of course, she was one of my hair-spirations as I journeyed into the natural hair world over 10 years ago. She hasn’t vlogged as much over the last few years, but she will drop a few videos every now and then. Plus, she has started her own hair care line. I loved her day-in-the-life videos when her daughter was tiny. 

Jordan F. Paige

Um, this lady does it all! She is an entrepreneur, vlogger, mom of 8, financial coach, you name it. I love her vibrant personality and her tips on balancing life. She has great videos about budgeting, family life, meal prep and planning, day-in-the-life, etc. 


I started watching her sister’s channel, Meechy Monroe, when I started my natural hair journey. Meechy and Vaughn both had tutorials that have helped me with all of my hairstyles. LOL Meechy was a beautiful soul, inside and out. Unfortunately, Meechy passed away a few years ago due to cancer. The natural hair world surely lost a great one. Her sister, MsVaughn has been nothing short of amazing for my entertainment and makeup/hair needs. She is the one vlogger that I look for EVERY time that I get on Youtube. She has expanded to day-in-the-life, housework (house werk), and Autism-mom vlogs, and I’m here for all of it. 

Oglesby Ohana

Homeschool Mama time! She shares her journey of homeschooling her 3 children, along with failures, successes, and favorites. Her demeanor is kind and her content is always great. 

Roll With Cole and Charisma

These two are an “interabled” couple. They exude joy and happiness, with an abundance of realism and choosing your weather. Despite challenges that they may face, they strive to make the most of life. They just got married, and truly show that, with dedication and love, anything is possible. 

Momma Makin’ Magic

This young lady is an up and coming entrepreneur, and my sister in Christ. She is an educator, and a mom of 1 beautiful little girl. She has ventured into making candles, and I can’t wait to try one. She has clean-with-me videos, as well as videos detailing her journey into candle-making. 

Farmhouse on Boone

Listen! It’s people like this that make me want to leave it all behind, buy a farm, have more kids, and just live on the land. LOL She makes everything from scratch, her kids are so helpful with their animals, and I just love it. 

Coop Can Cook

I picked one person that I like to watch for recipes. She has some yummy things to share, and I love the presentation. 

Ok, ok, I could go on and on. Check out some of the vloggers that I like to tune into. Do we have any in common? Who do you like to watch on YouTube?

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