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I’ve Diagnosed Myself With…

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Analysis Paralysis. Have you heard of it? Where on EARTH have I been these last two years? What have I been doing….cause it’s NOT blogging. I’ve been in a paralyzed state when it comes to my blog: constantly planning and brainstorming, but never executing. When I heard the term, Analysis Paralysis, I immediately identified with it. It simply means that “overthinking” on a situation can cause forward motion to be paralyzed, so nothing happens! What?! This describes me in so many areas. Why? Am I lazy? Am I fearful? Am I perfectionist? Am I tired? The answer is juuuuuust a smidge of each! LOL But for the most part, I am scared of doing things imperfectly. “What if I fail? What is people don’t like it? I MUST keep learning.” That’s where my cycle continues and the blog sits for YEARS, unattended. So, I’ve realized my issue, I’m addressing it, and I’m ready to work through it. Will you help me?

Oh yeah, I’ve managed to do a few other things while I was away: moved, got Sallie Mae out of our pockets and paid off a few other loans (Yay, closer to Financial Peace!), and had another baby… a girl! So much has happened, and I’m sorry to leave the blog hanging for so long. But, I’m back. I’ll post at least every Friday, Lord willing. And you’ll get to FINISH hearing my birth stories, great recipes, hilarious stories in my household of 5, and more! Subscribe, so that you can get a good laugh.

Have you ever experienced Analysis Paralysis? How did it affect you?

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